Mission & Vision

We are the premium indoor golf location in Bucharest. A place where our clients mix business with entertainment.


Our mission is to create the best in-city indoor golf playing and practice experience, accessible year-round. We achieve this by using the best equipment on the market for indoor golf where golfers can improve their game, solo or with professional trainers, play with friends and participate in tournaments.


The membership gives you full-access to our facilities with a 2 hours/day cap in case we are over capacity at that time.

We bring real golf to the heart of Bucharest.

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Our Story

GolfRoom was born out of passion for golf. I was finding it hard to fit frequent visits to Bulgaria or the driving range, when I realized we need an accessible location downtown. When I started playing golf in London, the commute to the driving range was 45-50 minutes. This made my trips to the range few and far between. Once an indoor golf simulator opened at my gym, I started going 2-3 times per week and was able to challenge my arch-nemesis [my father] to a round after a couple of months of practice. Golf became my favorite hobby and convenience played a very important part.

What we aim to do is offer as much convenience as possible to golfers in Bucharest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the system work?

Please find more information visiting our Technology page

Can I use my own clubs?

Absolutely, you are encouraged to use your own clubs and preferred golf balls.

How can I improve my game by using golf simulation?

There is an important number of variables that you need to control during a golf swing. After a few sessions on the GC2-HMT, you will be able to see where your game needs most improvement, and focus on those issues. Get in touch to find out more information

Our Location

Find us at AGORA, Floreasca Market, Bucharest

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