Porsche Driving Experience in Istanbul

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As we’ve previously mentioned, the prize for the winner of the first round from our tournament sponsored by Porsche consisted of a driving experience that took place in Istanbul Park, where the person could test different Porsche cars in different driving scenarios.

Last week, after Maria Florea, our winner, got back from Istanbul, we did a small debriefing session to find out exactly what the experience meant to her and how everything went over there.

Her description was filled with words like “amazing”, “outstanding” and “unbelievable”. It was rightfully called an “experience” because she told us how everything revolved around surpassing your limits and outdoing your own self. They had to finish four challenges and she told us that every little step felt like an accomplishment.

For example, she described how one of the challenges unfolded – while she was driving one of the cars, something would hit the car’s rear on one side (she did not know which side) and then the car would go on a slippery portion of the road that was covered with ice and she had to make the car get back on the right path. Maria told us that before each one of the tasks, the feeling was “I cannot do this!”, but after managing to finish everything successfully and exploring the full potential of a car that was built to reach in a matter of seconds a level of speed that most people haven’t even experienced before, she felt like she could do more than she thought she could. Everything was possible with the help of a wonderful team of trainers that helped everyone learn a great deal of things. There were 50 participants, and she was one of the three ladies among them.

Maria also told us that everything connected to the experience was on point – prizes, schedule, accommodation, the team. Overall, she had a fantastic time in Istanbul and after hearing the whole story from her, we can say that it’s a once in a lifetime experience that anyone should go through.

The same prize that Porsche provided for the first round is waiting for the winner of the play-off round for the league. On that note, we wish all the participants good luck!

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