We bring real golf to the heart of Bucharest

Experience our golf simulators and you will feel like being on your favorite golf course

Benefits of data-driven indoor golf include:

golf driving range

All your swing data available for analysis in the cloud

golf driving range

Improve your skills with skill games

golf driving range

Knowing your exact club distances (Gap analysis)

golf driving range

Play 18 holes in under one hour as a single player

Download the Manual

Read the Foresight Sports Ball & Club Data Manual to better understand your game

Golf Bucharest Simulator Benefits


Have a session anytime you want, during a lunch break, between meetings, early in the morning, before hitting the office, or even late in the evening to relax after a stressful day.


Results are recorded for you to track your accuracy. Longest-drive in the range and on par 4s and par 5s. Come and see for yourself.


Structured skill-building that feels like playing e.g.: Nearest to the pin and ball-placement tests. One of the most accurate simulators on the market today.


Hitting alternate shots improves learning. Improve your skills and become a better golfer with our simulators. Try it today!

GolfRoom features:


Great Accuracy

Playing on your favorite courses from around the world in the heart of Bucharest, with great measurement accuracy (errors of less than 0.6%) Give it a try today!


Data Capture

Driving range practice with data capture on: club face angle, attack angle, impact location, club head speed, club path, azimuth, back/side spin, peak height, carry, distance and many others.



Tournaments – be part of our active community and play the same courses with the PROs in sync with the PGA and European Tour. Get in touch with us.



Instructor-led classes for beginners and advanced players alike. Book your instructor today.

Have a golf break.

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